September 30, 2009

September 2009 Net Worth Update

I had to suffer a loss from trading RIM which were plunging more than 13% ahead of Friday's opening bell after the company's most recent quarterly report and forecast raised fears of slow growth on Sept. 24.

As the housing market is slowly finding its footing in the slow recovering economy, I am getting my mortgage pre-approved right now to be ready for the bargain hunting. If I can find a bargain - the property's listed price is less than 90% of the city assessed price - during this winter (usually it's the slow season), then I might be a new home owner in near future.

Here are the assets/liabilities result for September, 2009:


Vehicles: $26,000

Cash: $8,900

Savings: $14,400

TFSA: $5,100

Registered Investment Account: $24,100

Non-Registered Investment Account: $6,100

Total Assets: $84,500


Credit Card Debt: $$1,700

Total Debts: $1,700

Total Net Worth: $82,800

Started 2009 with Net Worth: $65300

Year-to-Date Gain/Loss: +26.80%

My net worth goal at the end of year 2009 is $90,000, and I still have $7,200 to make in the next 3 months.