September 03, 2009

August 2009 Net Worth Update

After I sold my car, I bought a new car using some money from my saving account and non-registered investment account. I am not a new car buyer in general, but I bought it for the following reasons,

1. Safety - As Canadian's winter could take as long as 6 months, this is my primary reason to sell my old car earlier this year, and get all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle for safety purposes.

2. Cash Purchase Promotion - almost 10% cash back + another 10% off the original price. This justifies a bit new car depreciation cost.

3. Re-sale value - after some research, I found that Japanese AWD vehicles could hold their resale value the most.

Here are the assets/liabilities result for August, 2009:


Vehicles: $26,000

Cash: $6,000

Savings: $14,400

TFSA: $5,100

Registered Investment Account: $23,200

Non-Registered Investment Account: $8,400

Total Assets: $8,3100


Credit Card Debt: $1,600

Total Debts: $1,600

Total Net Worth: $81,500

Started 2009 with Net Worth: $65300

Year-to-Date Gain/Loss: +24.81%

My net worth goal at the end of year 2009 is $90,000, and I still have $8,500 to make in the next 4 months.