January 31, 2009

January 2009 Net Worth Update (+7.66%)

Welcome to the recurring monthly net worth update - the January 2009 edition.

I made some changes towards my financial structure in this month.

First off, I deposit $5000 for my TFSA to take advantage of the tax-free interest, and the money is from my non-registered investment account. As I mentioned in the previous post about my financial goals for 2009, I will use my TFSA money for my first home purchase.

Second, instead of saving $300 per month towards my emergency fund as initially planned, I withdrew $3600 from my non-registered investment account, just because I'd like to be prepared for the worse economic downturn in future.

Last, I made about $3000 from trading stocks in this month! Not bad, eh?

Here are the assets/liabilities result for the first month of 2009:


Vehicles: $6500

Cash: $5600

Savings: $20000

TFSA: $5000

Registered Investment Account: $20600

Non-Registered Investment Account: $14000

Total Assets: 71700


Credit Card Debt: $1400

Total Debts: $1400

Total Net Worth: $70300 (+7.66%)

Started 2009 with Net Worth: $65300

Year-to-Date Gain/Loss: +7.66%

My net worth goal at the end of year 2009 is $90,000.