January 01, 2009

Initial Net Worth Update

Here is the grand opening for my monthly net worth update on this site on January 1st, 2009.

In future, the monthly net worth update will be posted at the end of every month.

Anyways, here it is as of the first day of 2009,


Vehicles: $6500

Cash: $6,200

Savings: $11,100

Registered Investment Account: 18,400

Non-Registered Investment Account: $25,400

Total Assets: $67,600


Credit Card Debt: $2,300

Total Debts: $2,300

Total Net Worth: $65300

Don’t worry, I pay off the balance of my credit cards every month.

If it's not because of the stock market downturn last year, the net worth could be much higher.

My net worth goal at the end of year 2009 is $90,000.