April 20, 2009

Safety vs. Fuel Economy

I am big money saver when it comes to cars, but I am concerning how much money that people can save compared their life safety.

Let's admit it that accident happens, and sometimes it's not you being a bad drive, but it cannot be prevented from others running into your car. The recent study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that the 2007 death rate for minicars was substantially higher than those for larger cars – from nearly twice as high to more than three times greater, depending on the type of crack-up.

As their test results, minicars – small, fuel efficient and thus by definition relatively “green” -- did poorly in car-to-car frontal crash tests with midsize sedans at 56 km/hour. No surprise here. This is all about the laws of physics. When an object of greater mass meets an object of lesser mass, the smaller one loses. In fact, the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and Smart fortwo all collapsed into the space around where a driver would be. In this test the driver wasn't breathing; crash test dummies don't do that. But a real person would not have fared well in such a mash-up. Head and leg injuries would likely have resulted even though air bags deployed in all three cars.

Unless everyone else is going to drive sub-compact cars like Yaris, Fit, Versa, Smart, Aveo, Rio, and Accent., I will personally avoid those car for my own safety. After all, I am the MOST important part of the car while I am driving.