March 31, 2009

March 2009 Net Worth Update (+6.05%)

I had about $4500 increase in assets for this month. Besides regular saving from my full-time job income, I had a big chunk of tax return from the government as well, which makes me almost forget about the loss of $1500 that I need to take in my RRSP account where I changed my short-long position ratio to be roughly even, because the market does seem to start turning in this month. Unlike my trading account, I usually keep my investment in RRSP for at least 3 months before I make any changes.

In general, I did pretty well in this month considering over 6% growth in the net worth from last month.

Here are the assets/liabilities result for the third month of 2009:


Vehicles: $6,500

Cash: $5,600

Savings: $27,200

TFSA: $5,000

Registered Investment Account: $19,100

Non-Registered Investment Account: $15,200

Total Assets: $78,600


Credit Card Debt: $1,500

Total Debts: $1,500

Total Net Worth: $77,100 (+6.05%)

Started 2009 with Net Worth: $65300

Year-to-Date Gain/Loss: +18.07%

My net worth goal at the end of year 2009 is $90,000, and I still have $12,900 to make in the next 3 quarters.